Online Examination System

Highly scalable, distributed online examination system

  • OES is a distributed online examination system to conduct high volume MCQ based exams.
  • Content management, exam centre management, user management, and real-time result processing are some of the important components of this system.
  • We support industry standard software such as Safe Exam Browser and kiosk operating systems on the student machine to enhance security of the system.
  • Our premium features such as face recognition and video proctoring enable Internet based exams.


Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser is a web browser environment to carry out e-assessments safely.


Netboot is a technology where customised operating system is loaded onto the client machines over LAN.

Face Recognition

Candidate's face is captured through a webcam and matched with a photo ID.

Video Proctoring

Zoom integration is available for video proctoring during remote exams.


Candidate's activity logs are captured and are available for auditing


Security best practices such as HTTPS, OTP, session restrictions are followed

Question Types

MCQ, comprehension, eassy (typing & file upload) types of questions are supported


Our horizontal scaling techniques support a large number of simultaneous exams.

Modern Browser

We support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safe Exam Browser.

Easy Deployment

Pre-built OS images help in easy deployment of our agent software at exam centres.

ODT Content

Question bank is built offline using Openoffice (ODT files) and uploaded to the system.


Results are calculated in real-time after candidates submit exams.


Hardware Failure

Student exam data is continuously sent to the main server from the agent server located at the exam centre. In case of hardware failures at the exam centre, a new agent server is set up with latest data available from the main server.

Internet Connectivity Failure

Exam data is sent to the agent server at the exam centre. Entire exam is conducted locally at the exam centre. Therefore, any internet connectivity issues during the exam does not impact the exam in any way.

Power Failure

In an unfortunate event of a power failure on the client machines, the student's exam will resume from the same state when power failure occured.

Application Architecture


  • More than 10 million examinations have been completed!

  • Geographically distributed for reliability and scale, but centrally controlled from the main server.

  • Full control over software stack (agent server, netboot)

  • Highly scalable - 80 thousand exams conducted in a day