Question Paper Delivery

Safe, secure, and reliable method of online delivery of question papers


Online QPD - Colleges

Online QPD - University


  • Two-factor authentication (OTP), biometric authentication (face recognition, fingerprint recognition)

  • IP restrictions

  • Watermarking of downloaded question papers

  • Access control of question papers

  • Live & deferred audits from logs

  • Question paper correction notices to colleges

  • In-built group chat


  • Over 25 thousand question papers are being delivered every semester

  • System is deployed at more than two thousand colleges

  • Hundreds of papers are being delivered in a single session

  • Assisted in investigations by providing paper audit logs

Problems with traditional methods

  • Paper leaks due to multiple change of hands

  • Papers are delivered several days before exams

  • Last moment change in question papers are not possible

  • No way to backtrace leaked question papers

  • No way to verify and ensure that only authorised personnel have access

  • Complex logistics are involved - bank lockers, police, transport etc.