Result Processing System

Student lifecycle management system for universities.


Student onboarding

Student's institute, course, and semester management

Curriculum management

Exam form-filling based on examination type and student history

Monitoring form-filling and result upload status

Result processing and publishing


Assigning appropriate semesters to the students (in case of elective semesters)

Monitoring form-filling status and approving exam forms

Downloading and issuing exam hall tickets

Uploading marks of internal exams and monitoring marks entry status

Student exam attendance management

Downloading and issuing grade cards to students


View details of assigned course, semesters, subjects, credits etc.

Apply for exams (regular, backlog, and revaluation)

Download exam hall tickets

View published results of all subjects & semesters

Other student services.


Curriculum Management

Faculty, course, semester, and subject management. Change of pattern is also supported.

Profile Management

University admin, college admin, and student profiles are supported in the system.

Exam Formfilling

Exam forms can be filled online. Exam form is intelligently shown based on student backlog subjects, attendance etc.

Fee Management

Year-wise, semester-wise, and course-wise fee distribution matrix is supported.

Online Payment

Integration with Razorpay and Atom is supported for online fee payment.

Result Calculation

Complex result calculation mechanisms are supported through a feature called Result Processing Pipelines (RPP). These pipelines can be customised.


Various logs are maintained when results are uploaded and modified.

Promotion Rules

Student promotion rules can be created and customised in the system.

Marks Upload

College staff can enter student's internal marks by uploading a CSV file.

Degree Certificate

System can generate digital copy of degree certificates from a predefined template.

Result Pipeline

Highly customisable complex result processing algorithms can be easily created in the system.

Data Exports

Various form-filling and results data can be exported from the system in CSV format.

Exam Scheduling

Exam time-tables can be created in the system.

Grade Card Generation

Grade cards are automatically generated as an output of result processing pipelines (RPP)

Student Services

Students can apply for result redressal and raise other service requests through the system.

Result Publishing

Published results are immediately available for students on their dashboard.

Result Processing Pipeline

Student Lifecycle


  • Millions of student results have been processed

  • Lakhs of grade cards have been issued

  • More than 50 thousand students are registered

  • Used by state level & other prominent private universities

  • Seamless integration with other Uniapps products